Welcome To Afghan Children’s Songbook Project

Hearing your favorite childhood song usually conjures up memories of happy times. For a generation of Afghans, whose songs were intentionally eradicated by way and oppression, hearing a familiar childhood song is a much more powerful experience. Read More

Louise was also introduced to Arsalan Lutfi and the Lutfi family who run TriVision Studios in both the U.S. and in Afghanistan.  TriVision generously offered to be a strong partner in the project, helping to design, and facilitate the creation of the songbook, printing and distribution.

The first songbook is Qu Qu Qu Barg-e-Chinaar which includes a CD of sixteen songs and an accompanying booklet with the lyrics and original children’s drawings.  The songs are in Dari, Pashto, Hazaragi and Uzbeki.  In 2011 a second songbook, Awasana See Sana, was printed with 16 more traditional songs.  In addition, with the guidance of a team of Afghans, Louise created an accompanying Teacher’s Guide for each of the songbooks, which provides teachers with lesson linked to the songs that build on basic literacy skills.

Currently, 50,000 songbooks and 7500 Teacher’s Guides have been distributed to over 15 Provinces across Afghanistan.  It was Louise’s dream to return the songs to the children of Afghanistan so that the songs would continue to live on in the lives of Afghan children.  Thank you to the many, many generous supporter, friends and family who helped make this project become a reality.