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Louise Pascale awarded Champion of Education for girls and women in Afghanistan

Congratulations to Dr. Louise Pascale, Founder & Director, Afghan Children’s Songbook Project, this year’s Champions for Education in Afghanistan!

The CW4WAfghan (Canadian Women for Afghan Women) recently recognized Founder & Director of the Afghan Songbook & Literacy project, Dr. Louise Pascale, for the gift she has given to Afghanistan, and actually, to all of us – to our global musical heritage. She has given Afghan kids back their songs, and helped them discover the magic of music, a magic that when we find it young, can serve us all our lives.

CW4WAfghan are recognizing Louise’s extraordinary contribution to education in Afghanistan, and awarding her our annual Champion for Education in Afghanistan Award. There is a reason the Taliban banned music. They know its power, and its threat to ignorance. Louise knows its power too, and she has harnessed it, as a tool for children’s learning, and in the process, helped revive and preserve a proud part of Afghanistan’s cultural history. The CW4WAfghan celebrate Louise.

The purpose of the annual Champion for Education in Afghanistan Award is for CW4WAfghan members to recognize individuals who have given outstanding service to the cause of supporting education for girls or women in Afghanistan. The Award celebrates the many unsung heroes who have demonstrated a personal commitment to the human right to education. These inspiring role models help to spotlight the challenges and opportunities for women and girls pursuing education against great odds.