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TEACHER’S GUIDE – An Addition to the Songbook

The Songbook Project continues to grow and expand and reach more and more children and teachers. In 2009, after returning from a trip to Afghanistan and observing children not only singing but reading the lyrics to the songs, Louise decided to create an accompanying  Teacher’s Guide which could help building literacy skills for young children. The Guide is designed to assist Afghan teachers in using the songs to teach basic reading and writing along with comprehension, vocabulary building, and critical and creative thinking.  There are 6-8 lessons for each song in the Guide for teachers to use with their students.

All songbook packages that are distributed after May, 2011 include the songbook, CD, cassette tape and a soft-cover notebook and two pencils. This will allow the children to improve their basic literacy skills while also enjoying singing their favorite childhood songs.  All teachers receive a copy of the Teacher’s Guides

To date there are over 50,000 songbook packages distributed to children in schools, orphanages and women’s centers across Afghanistan.